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Anyone else love the way this new version of liveSite works?

Posted by: jenna on 3/26/2023 9:14 AM

Hey everyone! I have been playing around with this new liveSite and it's amazing. It has all the features that I need and no software to install or application code to write!

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Added by nmattis

Yeah, I agree. I think the way Camelback Web Architects paid careful attention to all the elements of each page with a focus on user interface design improves usability for our stakeholders which in turn improves liveSite's overall value to us.
Added by jill

I second that! I am very pleased with it. I am starting the redesign of our liveSite-based website as we speak. I can keep all our content, orders, contacts, users, pages, everything.! I just import the design I want, add some HTML/CSS/JS as needed for the new responsive design, test and launch!

I don't even have to take our current website down. I can design right over the top of our production site! What other solution can do that?!? Amazing!!!
Added by Eric Abott

Awesomeness! (If that's even a word!)
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